How to Tell if Your Septic Tank is Failing

technician pumping septic tankFew things are more unpleasant than a septic tank failure. It can be caused by anything from clogging and blockages, to tree roots, to excessive quantities of wastewater entering the system. Because it’s underground and out of sight, most people don’t think about their septic tank until they encounter a huge, backyard-ruining issue. Here are some warning signs that you need septic tank repair:

Slow Drains – Do your sinks and you tub take too long to drain? This could indicate that there is a blockage building up in your pipes.

Strange Noises – Gurgling noises in the pipes are another sign that the pipes are becoming clogged. Clogged pipes are a leading cause of septic tank failure and should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Sewage Odors – Smelling the odor of raw sewage outside is an indicator that untreated wastewater is leaking out of your septic tank. This could mean there is a small leak, or a complete septic tank failure.

Flourishing Plant Life – Effluent from septic systems acts as a potent fertilizer. If you notice flourish plant life in one specific area of your yard, it is indicative of a septic leak. Look for a patch of grass that grows faster or is inexplicably greener than the rest of your yard.

Pools of Water – If there is water pooling in your yard, it means that a septic leak has progressed so far that the soil surrounding the tank has become completely saturated with untreated wastewater. You need emergency septic tank repairs.

If you are dealing with a broken septic tank in Orlando or the surrounding areas, contact American Septic Inc. for emergency septic services.