Lift Station Service in Orlando and Throughout Central Florida

Not all septic systems require lift stations, but if yours has one, it’s imperative that you keep it in proper shape. A septic lift station plays an integral part in the proper flow and drainage of your septic system. Sometimes, lift stations are necessary for carrying sewage from lower to higher elevations during the drainage process. Like the system’s other components, the lift station needs to be cleaned and serviced regularly to ensure it doesn’t break down. For expert septic lift station service in Orlando and throughout Central Florida, contact the highly trained professionals at American Septic Inc.

Our company offers dedicated and reliable service that is sure to meet your needs. We handle all of our septic tank service in Orlando with professional attention to detail and respect for your property. With our help, your system performs in peak condition for its maximum product lifespan, saving you money in the long run. To ensure the proper functionality of your lift station or any other feature of your system, call us for a comprehensive inspection.

How Cleaning Your Lift Station Benefits Your Property

Your septic system works by separating solid and liquid wastes. Solid waste stays inside the tank, and liquid waste passes through a series of pipes that spread it through the areas that comprise your drainage field. When changes in ground elevation make proper drainage difficult, lift stations keep wastewater flowing correctly. Lift stations, like tanks and pipes, can become clogged from accumulated waste. When this occurs, the tank may begin to overflow and cause unsanitary, foul-smelling puddles to form in your yard.

With our lift station cleaning service, your system receives the care it needs to continue operating efficiently and reliably. Most residential require cleaning once every 2 to 3 years, but larger households may be due for lift station cleaning in Orlando more frequently. As part of our routine service, we conduct a thorough inspection to determine exactly how to maintain the operation of your system.

Lift Station Maintenance from an Award-Winning Company

Our company has a hard-earned reputation for excellent workmanship and a high rate of customer satisfaction. Over the years, we have received multiple awards for our septic system cleaning and repairs. We are the company you can trust for superior results at a great value, every time.

24/7 Septic Lift Station Cleaning Service

Emergencies tend to happen when they are least convenient. When you find yourself in need of a lift station maintenance team outside of weekday business hours, don’t worry. Our emergency technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A live team is always standing by to answer your call and take on your septic system emergency. Describe the issue your system is having, and we’ll assess your case and recommend the most beneficial solution.

Contact us when your septic system’s lift station requires cleaning or repairs. We proudly serve our customers in the Central Florida area.